Waggon depots

Temporary storage of your waggons is often required for different reasons. Our services help you keep track of your temporarily unused waggons efficiently:

  • We offer competitive pricing for waggon depots at various locations.
  • We operate depots within secure company areas, partly with security and under conditions that allow for a safe parking.

As we have mentioned to offer complex service performance to our customers, at your request we would be happy to combine the siding with

  • Inspection,
  • maintenance and
  • repairs (when required)

to your waggons directly at their siding location. This offers you the advantage of having correctly maintained waggons, at your disposal at all times.

We examine your vehicles in each case before parking them and before their return and we supervise rail-specific documentation about the siding of the waggons. We assume the responsibility of informing you of the condition of your vehicles at all times.

Picture of Sg-waggons




Available rail length


Waggons on sidings