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waggon24 GmbH is an independent service provider for rail freight waggons operating in Germany and its neighbouring countries.

We manage fleets of vehicles as the entity in charge of maintenance (ECM1), take care of maintenance development (ECM2) and fleet maintenance management (ECM3). For vehicle maintenance we have set up company-oriented service points at major locations and our mobile service is active throughout Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. We come to the vehicles at your company, using downtime for periodic inspection, maintenance, and repair work ( (ECM4), thereby minimising waggon downtime and maximising vehicle availability.

We also organise your vehicle downtime at depots, training in the area of rail freight waggons and IT-solutions for ECM management.

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waggon24 GmbH
Stellwerk B11
Industriestraße Vattenfall
An der Tagebaukante
01983 Großräschen

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Picture of the DUSS Terminal


waggon24 GmbH
Deutsche Umschlaggesellschaft Schiene–Straße (DUSS) mbH
Terminal Duisburg Ruhrort Hafen
Alte Ruhrorter Straße 11
47119 Duisburg

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waggon24 GmbH
Cooperation partner VH-Rail
Am Oslebshauer Bahnhof 13-19
28239 Bremen

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waggon24 is a modern service provider company that supports, with its services, the execution of rail-related transport performances. We are aware of the great responsibility of performing services within the chain of secure train operations and, therefore, we guarantee thanks to an efficient maintenance system; that the freight waggons for whose maintenance we are responsible, are in safe working order.

Our goal is to provide qualitatively valuable, efficient, environmental- and resource-conscious services as a sustainable contribution to the value-creating chain of our customers.

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German, English, Polish, Russian, Bulgarian, Serbo-Croatian
Berlin, Oberhausen, Hamburg

Rooms for seminars, meetings and conferences, situated conveniently close to the Berlin-Schönefeld airport and WISTA in Berlin-Adlershof.

The right seminar rooms for your seminars and workshops

Our seminar and coaching rooms are equipped with modern technology and new furniture.

  • A large seminar room (roughly 40 m²) with seating for 18 people
  • Two smaller seminar rooms (roughly 25 m²) with seating for up to 12 people
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Address: Am Falkenberg 117
12524 Berlin

Fon: +49 (0) 30 577 025 050
Fax: +49 (0) 30 577 025 059

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Bernd Weinreich, managing director
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Markus Behnke, proxy