One for all

by Sophia Höff

One for all

Extension of the ECM-regulation

The regulation (EU) 445/2011 governs the ECM of rail freight waggons. Thus a method and evaluation standard was established, to guarantee the security und operability of the vehicles. Until June 2019 there is going to be a similar ECM management also for all the other rail vehicles.

The criteria of the ECM regulation are abstract enough to be applied to the other rail vehicles. That explains Michael Rösch, managing partner of RöschConsult Group GmbH, in an article in „Bahn Manager“ 4/2017. But different vehicles impose different requirements on the maintainer. Dealing with locomotives, different market structures and the technical complexity have to be taken into account. Michael Rösch refers to requirements of the appendix III of the ECM-VO and lists differences in the implementation on freight waggons and locomotives. Starting with the trickier realisation of cooperations right through to technology based competence management, there are some challenges of the ECM of locomotives. Yet the market is opening for further ECM suppliers, Rösch says.

Until June 2017 there will be a report concerning the current version of the ECM regulation and the practicality of the extension to other rail vehicles.

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