Construction works in the Elbe Valley

by Sophia Höff

Construction works in the Elbe Valley

The freight transport falls by the wayside

The construction works on the railway track between Dresden and Schöna obstruct also the freight traffic. According to a report by Rail Business from 29 January 2018, it can be assumed that 20 percent of the freight traffic won't be able to pass the track. During the day the railway line can be used one-track only; at night the line is completely closed. Interruptions have to be accepted in some sections. According to a press release by DB, 11 kilometers of the overhead contact line system and 44 kilometers of the tracks will be replaced. Also the condition of switches, passages and bridges needs to be examined. The line was highly frequented by national and international passenger traffic as well as fright traffic.

The modernisation which startet 2014 will be continued untill 2022.

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