Information Systems

We connect the systems of the waggon owners, lessees, railway traffic company and repair service securely with each other. The goal is to minimise interfaces and, therefore, the existing risk, in accordance with the requirements of EU regulation 445/2011. The starting point is the secure digital acquisition of the basic data directly at the vehicle. We use QR-codes for this. The processing of the data up to the re-commissioning of the waggons takes place within the system and through digitalised interfaces.

The system in connection with the QR-codes is also applicable for controlling shunting functions and the composition of train units, to document waggon inspections and much more.

Damage report

By means of a simple electronic identification of freight waggons many subsequent applications are possible, for example, writing up damage reports and waggon lists or sending location reports.

Train list

The QR-code is also used for train composition. Changes in the waggon list are possible at any time. At the repeated system log-in through a QR-code on the documents, the user is connected directly with the waggon list.

Running performance

The QR-code has the advantage that it can be registered with relatively few technical requirements, manually as well as stationary. This way it can be utilised for the running performance registration.


The QR-code supports the monitoring and documentation of preventative maintenance.


The internet connection with the waggon database supplies all the data required for the task to the user. Stationary, the QR-code is used very successfully to shunt waggons.