Maintenance delivery

We are customer-orientated, reliable and fast:

  • Short response time through central order control and local availability
  • Quality assurance through qualified in-house co-workers
  • Documentation with our IT management system
  • Transparent job invoicing according to job catalogue (available upon request)

waggon24 is certified according to EU regulations 445/2011 and DIN ISO 9001 and is the registered maintenance company for many well-known railway companies, waggon owners, and associations, e.g. VPI, ARS, TRW, DB Cargo AG, AAE, HVLE, and many others.

Service Points

Our service points are located at the major hubs, as close as possible to where events take place. There, we provide all of the standard tasks of a freight waggon repair shop, including welding. Service points are also equipped with the required lifting jacks for changing out bogies and wheels.

Mobile Service

We get waggons moving again. We also utilise downtime and turning time for periodic inspections, maintenance and repair works, always at the site where the waggons have been deposited.

still-life with a safety hat and a safety vest on top of a generator


waggon24 GmbH
Stellwerk B11
Industriestraße Vattenfall
An der Tagebaukante
01983 Großräschen

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Picture of the DUSS Terminal


waggon24 GmbH
Deutsche Umschlaggesellschaft Schiene–Straße (DUSS) mbH
Terminal Duisburg Ruhrort Hafen
Alte Ruhrorter Straße 11
47119 Duisburg

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waggon24 GmbH
Cooperation partner VH-Rail
Am Oslebshauer Bahnhof 13-19
28239 Bremen

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