Fleet maintenance management

waggon24 was one of the first companies to be certified for the role of fleet maintenance management (FMM) under EU regulation 445/2011

According to the regulations, FMM means the taking on a management role in the administration of freight waggon discontinuance, maintenance and subsequent re-commissioning.

FMM connects the ECM, the lessees and the maintenance companies through secure processes.

We control the interfaces, ensure maintenance orders are carried out properly, and secure the documentation and the defined re-commissioning of the repaired waggons.

For the implementation of the FMM tasks, waggon24 uses an electronic waggon information system (el.WIS) for ongoing traceability of the waggon data.

The system fulfils the necessary requirements concerning

  • waggon tracing,
  • performance certification,
  • performance traceability,
  • documentation and
  • return to operation notices.