Maintenance development

Maintenance development is carried out according to EU regulation 445/2011.

Determining and administrating the maintenance activities
  • Based on the VPI-maintenance guidelines, as well as the owner and manufacturer regulations.
  • Complete traceability of all information concerning the waggons using a maintenance file with redundant management.
Guarantee of conformity with inter-operational requirements
  • Compliance with the valid benchmarks of the technical specifications for inter-operational freight train waggons, and UIC-data sheets for older waggons, if applicable
  • Analysis of waggon-related documents relating to benchmark compliance
Support of maintenance facilities
  • Clear specification of the maintenance work to be done
  • Reliable information about the companies/facilities commissioned to provide the maintenance service, concerning the regulations, equipment and tools to be used
Commissioning and operation of freight waggons
  • Determining the information to be processed, as provided by the owner
  • Examination and, if applicable, overhaul of maintenance programs under DIN 27201-01
Administration and care of the maintenance file
  • Ensuring the maintenance folder is kept up-to-date during the lifetime of a waggon
  • Information documented in electronic and paper formats
Assured qualification and competence management
  • Use of personnel with proven competence and qualifications
  • Demand-based inclusion of competent experts, i.e., manufacturer or specialised engineering offices
Ensuring the required documentation
  • Implementation of certain procedures that include the procedures and responsibilities for ensuring all required documentation
  • Prompt transmission of all required documentation for the re-commissioning of the vehicles maintained